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Matches Played

Grade Type 
Match Format 
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CI:1st Grade
CI:2nd Grade
CI:1st Grade T20
CI:2nd Grade T20
CI:U16B Combined
CI:U14A Combined
CI:U14B Combined
CI:Stage 1-Level 1 (U11)
CI:Stage 2-Level 1 (U12)
CI:Stage 2-Level 1 (U12)1
CI:Master Blasters
CI:Master Blasters1
1 Lloyd, Tim K100000000000
2 Blissenden, Steven D100000000000
3 Brady, Lachlan100000000000
4 Ward, Matthew F100000000000
5 Ryan, Neil010000000000
6 Ellicott, Jasper O000010000000
7 Brady, Shay L100000000000
8 Heffernan, Mitchell G010000000000
9 Lynch, John P010000000000
10 McCrae, Hayden J100000000000
11 Munn, Bradley J010000000000
12 Tipping, Kyle D100000000000
13 Falkiner, Luke D100000000000
14 Morris, Ryan J100000000000
15 O'Toole, Brent S010000000000
16 Hall, Sherville010000000000
17 Hunt, Duncan100000000000
18 Mulligan, William J000010000000
19 Geldart, Corey S000010000000
20 Smith, Cooper R000010000000
21 Meier, Jye M000010000000
22 Leadbitter, Angus P000010000000
23 Webb, Broughton R000010000000
24 Morris, Brett010000000000
25 Hanegraaf, Ryan D000010000000
26 Morgan, Harry J000000000000
27 Bassingthwaighte, Dion A000000000000
28 Marciante, Nathan100000000000
29 Bragg, Billy000000000100
30 Hyde, Liam P000010000000
31 Charmer, Dylan000000000100
32 canavan, kurt J000000000000
33 Stewart, Jack d000010000000
34 Hall, Harry J000010000000
35 Hanegraaf, Dean K000000000000
36 Phillips, Harrison000000000000
37 Baker, Thomas J000000000000
38 McGuirk, Gavin J010000000000
39 Cattley, Jack000000000000
40 Chaplin, Hunter000000000000
41 Chaplin, Jarvis000000000000
42 Lavery, Jacob000000000000
43 Beattie, Luca000000000000
44 Mattock, Kohen000000000000
45 Claverie, Sunny N000000000000
46 Claverie, Taj X000000000000
47 Waller, Mitchell000000000100
48 Moir, Elijah000000000100
49 Knight, Rowan000000000000
50 McEnearney, Joshua B000010000000
51 Day, Joshua P000010000000
52 Wildey, Lachlan000000000100
53 O'Connor, Alex000000000000
54 Pedersen, Owen000000000000
55 Levin, Sonny000000000100
56 Driver, Oliver000000000100
57 Phillips, Dyson000000000100
58 Craig, Rob010000000000
59 osborne, coby000000000000
60 Day, Kieran000000000000
61 Taylor, Jacob000000000100
62 Gergos, Thomas000000000000
63 Fraser, Jamison000000000100
64 Kenworthy, Griffin W000010000000
65 Geldart, Joel000000000000
66 Snell, Austin000000000100
67 Simms, Liam010000000000
68 Sutcliffe, Nathan010000000000
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Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.